The Department of Foreign Languages

According to the decision of the Academic Council as September 2, 2010 and the order of the Director of the Branch as of September 3, 2010, the Department of Social and Humanitarian Disciplines was divided into the “Foreign Languages” Department and the Department of “Social and Humanitarian disciplines”.

Faculty staff of the department:

Kadirbekova Durdona Hikmatullayevna - PhD, сandidate of philological sciences, Associate Professor, Acting Head of the Department;

Sultanova Guzalkhon Saidabbasovna - PhD, Acting Associate Professor; 

Muratova Nargiza Nigmatullayevna - senior teacher;

Taktasheva Dinara Rinatovna - senior teacher;

Madjitova Oyshahon Muhammadganiyevna - senior teacher;

Musaeva Fariza Maksutovna - senior teacher;

Murtazayeva Shakhnoza Kahramanovna – teacher;

Bakhramova Iroda Takhirovna – teacher;

Razikova Dilfuza Salikhovna – teacher.

In its activity the Department is guided by the current legislation of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Uzbekistan, State educational standards, orders and resolutions of the Federal Agency for Education of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Regulations on the branch, orders and instructions of the Director (deputy directors), decisions of the Academic Council of the University, orders of the dean of the faculty, documents of the quality assurance system.

The faculty staff of the department delivers practical English classes in accordance with developed academic curricula and programs, in compliance with the calendar plans and according to the schedule approved by the Director (Deputy director on academic affairs) of the University.  

In addition, the faculty staff of the department organizes and regularly monitors the follow-up activities of students, including the performance of homework assignments and other kinds of creative works aimed at deeper mastering of foreign languages and enriching vocational vocabulary of students.

Moreover, the department performs interim and final control in the form of tests and examinations, attestation of students on the basis of their learning materials.

In addition to the academic performance, the teaching staff of the department performs required amount of educational and methodological activities that ensures the organization of the academic process at a high level:

- in accordance with the established procedure develops and submits for approval working training programs for the disciplines and courses of the department;

- using modern information technologies performs preparation and updating of educational and methodological manuals, methodological instructions, didactic materials on various types of training sessions and students’ follow-up activities, visual aids, program and information materials necessary for the computerization of the educational process;

- develops new tests for various types of assessing students’ knowledge;

- performs educational activities among students, including through the system of tutorship at the University, interacting with student public organizations, student scientific society, participating in activities provided for by the annual plans for educational and extracurricular work with students of the University.

Teachers of the department develop annual and long-term plans to upgrade qualification and skills of the employees of the department. In addition, the teaching staff represents them for approval, organizes and controls their implementation; promotes the employees of the department in their professional growth including by attaching young teachers to leading professors and associate professors, conducting and discussing open classes and other types of learning activities at the methodological seminar, studying and disseminating advanced pedagogical experience; creates the necessary conditions for the work of teachers and researchers in order to obtain PhD and DS degrees, promotes the participation of the employees of the department in conferences and the publication of research results.

In addition, the department assists in the consecutive translation of negotiations between the administration of the Branch and foreign delegations, as well as seminars, round tables and conferences (English-Russian and Russian-English translation), as well as in the translation of documentation related to the educational process, scientific research and spiritual and educational work.

The department provides teaching of the disciplines and foreign language courses provided for by the State educational standards and curricula for the profile of the department included in the programs and curricula of postgraduate and additional education, development and improvement of their methodological support, as well as introduction of modern pedagogical technologies and teaching technique into the educational process.

In particular, the faculty of the department constantly works to further improve English teaching technique which results in the introduction and use of advanced teaching methods with the use of modern pedagogical, information and communication technologies, such as working in small groups, project method, role play, case method, discussion, debates, round-table discussions and many others. A particular attention is paid to developing skills in making presentations in English, the ability to hold discussions and participate in debates.

An innovative form of conducting practical classes in a foreign language, as well as a purposeful and meaningful organization of extracurricular time for students of the University are interactive classes in English language based on the Language Immersion method. This method provides accelerated results in the development of conversational practice, development of vocabulary, and most importantly, creates a language environment and removes the barrier of free communication. The organization of this kind of classes contributes to the development of the competence of business and intercultural communication, the further development of the English-speaking environment which requires knowledge and develops professionally important competences.

Currently “Foreign Languages” department hold the activity of the following project teams:

  • STUDENT RESEARCHER & SPEAKER – tutors: Associate professor Kadirbekova D.H. and senior teacher Musaeva F.M.
  • ENGLISH GRAMMAR – tutor: senior teacher Taktasheva D.R.

All the teachers of the department have passed advanced training courses in the programs “Informatics and Information Technologies”, “Electronic Government”, as well as qualification upgrading courses organized by the Head office of the University.

Classes delivered by the teaching staff of the department:

  1. Foreign language
  2. Business foreign language
  3. Specialized foreign language.

With the aim of efficient organization of the academic process, working programs have been developed and on their basis of each teacher has compiled his own calendar plan. The department has a schedule of on-duty visits and consultations of teachers.

Up to date, the following teaching aids have been developed by the teaching staff:

  1. Kadirbekova D.H. “English-Uzbek dictionary on Information Technologies”, T., 2020
  2. Kadirbekova D.H. "Terminology for lexicography", Monograph, International Book Market service, 2019
  3. Muratova N.N., Kadirbekova D.H., Musaeva F.M. “Management functions”, T., 2020
  4. Muratova N.N., Kadirbekova D.H., Musaeva F.M. “English for Oil and Gas students”, T., 2020.

Cooperation (universities, organizations)

The department closely cooperates with the department of foreign languages of the head university. In addition, the department also cooperates with the departments of "Foreign Languages" of the University of World Economy and Diplomacy, the Branch of the Moscow State University named after M. Lomonosov, the Islamic State University.

Currently the department has 7 training classrooms, 1 language laboratory which includes 26 computers and a mini-library.